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There are 10 superhero Numberjacks, each with particular characteristics and different strengths. Click here to find out more.

The Meenies

Image of The Puzzler MeenieThere are 5 Meanies who create all kinds of mathematical problems that the Numberjacks have to put right. Click here to find out more.


We hope that every Numberjacks experience will combine entertainment and education. We want young children enjoy early maths, problem solving and thinking skills, get off to a good start at school, and have a cheerful and positive attitude towards maths that will last them all their lives. The learning in Numberjacks covers a wide range of topics, including numbers, counting, shape, measurement, movement, position, pattern and problem solving. Click here to find out more.

Agents’ Pictures

Numberjacks Beadspread image

Night, night. Sleep tight! 

We’ve been sent this wonderful photograph by a Numberjacks fan in Australia – a busy grandmother has made sure that he dreams of Numberjacks!

Numberjacks Fans

We had a lovely email from a fan of Numberjacks in New Zealand. This is what they said:
“My son is 2 1/2 years old and a great fan of the Numberjacks.  When he was 2 he could count to 10.  Now at 2 1/2 years old, he can read the numbers to 9 (for 10 he says 1 and 0!).  We mix up the numbers and he recognises every number.  A lot of people were surprised and impressed but I’ve recently realised that its because of the Numberjacks.  The Numberjacks are easily identified because they are clearly visible by number/name. I’d like to thank you for advancing my son at such an early age and keep up the great work.”

Episode Learning Focus

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Episode Learning Focus
All Numberjacks programmes encourage a love of learning, being a good observer and listener, good analytical thinking, and problem solving skills.   Additionally, each programme has one specific leaning focus (occasionally more than one).  The focus for each television and radio programmes is listed below.


Television Programmes


1 The trouble with nothing 0 makes things disappear and 6 flies out to sort everything out. Zero
2 Going wrong, going long Things get longer thanks to the Problem Blob.   4 is on the way! Long and short
3 Sphere today, gone tomorrow The Shape Japer turns spheres into cubes – 6 has a scare on the marble run. Spheres and cubes
4 In, out, shake it all about Things that should be inside end up outside – 5 takes 3 out there to help sort the Puzzler out. In and out
5 One more time When 1 goes out alone there’s one more of everything – 4 rides the railway to the rescue. 1 more than
6 Forward thinking The Problem Blob is back – and things go forwards and backwards. 6 hitches a lift. Forwards and backwards
7 Seven wonders 4 finds things add up to 7 when the Puzzler’s about. Number bonds to 7
8 Getting heavy Spooky Spoon is making light things heavy – 5 and 3 fly out. Heavy and light
9 Belongings Things don’t belong when Spooky Spoon mixes things up – another problem for 5! Grouping objects
10 4 he’s a jolly good fellow The Numbertaker is taking all the fours he can find – will 4 escape his clutches? 4 and groups of 4
11 Boxing day Boxes go wrong when the Shape Japes plays tricks – but 6 can do the trick too! Cuboids
12 Out of order Spooky Spoon makes sure things are well out of order – until 5 sorts her out. Sequence
13 Nine lives The Puzzler has 9 trapped in a puzzle bubble – 6 and 3 to the rescue. Multiples of 3, square numbers
14 Takeaway Not just a few problems, lots of them – 4 makes the Numbertaker take more than he wants to. Subtraction
15 The Cuck-cuck-cuck-oo-oo-oo bird There’s a pattern to the problems the Puzzler causes – and 5 has to break that pattern! Order and pattern
16 Stop and go Things don’t move when they should – 6 has got to sort Spooky Spoon out. Moving and static
17 Off colour Spooky Spoon wants to be the most colourful character around – 4 is out to stop her. Grouping by colour
18 A game of two halves. The Shape Japer makes half a load of trouble, and 4 has to make things whole again. Half
19 Out for the count 2 is out and about and making everyone count wrongly – 6 is after her! Counting
20 The container drainer Everything is empty thanks to the Puzzler – 3 helps 5 to fill things up again. Empty and full
21 Tens Moments 1 and 0 get out and about and make ten of everything – 5 has got more work to do. 10 as two digit number
22 3 things good 3 is out on her own trying to do battle with the Shape Japer, who doesn’t like things in threes. 3 and triangles
23 Say what you mean Be clear what you mean or the Problem Blob will make trouble for you, as 4 finds out. Accurate description
24 One won There’s only one of everything, thanks to the Numbertaker – 6 sorts things with help from 1 Subtraction
25 Tricky sixes


The Numbertaker likes two lots of three today – 6 is the Numberjack to sort him out. Number bonds to 6
26 May the fours be with you The Share Japer is after things that come in eights – 4 is on the mission. Number bonds to 8
27 Best estimate The Blob makes things go wrong when people can’t estimate – 5 to the rescue! Estimating
28 On and off Spooky Spoon is mixing things again – 4 is on the case. On and off
29 Zero the hero 0 to the rescue  when just for once the Numberjacks are the problem, not the answer! Reciting numbers from 0-9 and 9-0
30 Bad circles Spooky Spoon is making bad circles – 6 is ready to sort her out! Circles
31 Famous fives The Puzzler sets the problem – and 5 is just the right Numberjack to sort it out! Number bonds to 5
32 Fair shares Things aren’t being shared fairly, thanks to the Problem Blob – 6 makes everything all right. Sharing
33 Being 3 The Numbertaker is taking threes today – but he can’t take Number 3! Things that come in 3’s.
34 Into the teens 1 and Zero get together to make 10 things – 4 has to sort out the chaos. 10 more than
35 Slide and turn The Shape Japer is moving things and causing problems – 5 goes out there. Slides and turns
36 Six of one The Problem Blob is making trouble with sixes – Number 6 to the rescue. Number bonds to 6
37 Time trouble Time passes very strangely – thanks to Spooky Spoon.  5 investigates. Time
38 1, 2, 3 go It’s 1 – 2 –  3  – pattern time!  3 battles with the Puzzler. Patterns of 1, 2, 3
39 More 4 The Shape Japer makes trouble with symmetry – 4 goes out there to sort things out. Symmetry
40 Almost Human The Problem Blob causes trouble – and 4 tries out being a human being! Representing numbers
41 Two four six eight The Numbertaker takes all the even numbers – 6 flies out to put things right. Multiples of 2
42 Round and round The Problem Blob has got people going round in circles – can 5 restore things to normal? Cyclic patterns
43 Square dancing The Shape Japer’s about – and 1, 4, and 9 sort out problems with squares. Squares
44 Data day Spooky Spoon is mixing things up – 3 is ready to take her on. Data and data recording
45 How?  What?  Check! 5 solves the problems caused by the Puzzler – and checks to make sure! Describing solutions
46 Ups and downs Some upside down adventures as 4 sorts out  Spooky Spoon – with a little help from 8! Upside down
47 On the move People keep counting when they don’t need to – thanks to the Problem Blob.  5 sorts things out. Conservation of number
48 Very shapely The Shape Japes is into extreme shapes – 6 gets busy sorting things out. Extreme shapes
49 Wee Three, phone home The Puzzler sets a puzzle, and 3 is up to the challenge, with a little help from, 7, 8, and 9. Number patterns
50 Did you notice anything? The Numbertaker’s causing problems, but strangely people don’t notice.  4 to the rescue! Noticing
51 Measured response The Shape Japer’s changing the lengths of things – 6 and his buddy sticks are on the case! Measuring
52 Think again Sometimes it’s good to think again, as 5 discovers when she’s dealing with Spooky Spoon’s latest stirrings. Problem solving
53 Carry on counting People need to carry on counting, not start again – 6 sorts out the Problem Blob. Counting on
54 A record in the charts People need more information – so 4 goes out there battling with the Puzzler. Record data
55 Half time The Numbertaker is halving the number of things – 4 is out there at the double! Half and double
56 A close thing The Problem Blob keeps putting things in the wrong position – 6 is the Numberjack for the job! Near, far, next to
57 A circle at both ends The Shape Japer is having fun with cylinders – 5 to the rescue! Cylinders
58 Match-making Numbers don’t match when the Numbertaker’s about – until 3 saves the day. Matching sets
59 A different sort Spooky Spoon is jumping things about – and 4 is the one to sort her out. Changing sorting criteria
60 Areas of concern The Puzzler is making things bigger and smaller – 6 and the buddy tiles save the day. Area
61 The dreaded lurgi 5 to the rescue when things are going up and down and round and round, all thanks to the Problem Blob. Up and down, round and round
62 Fraction action The Shape Japer is splitting things into fractions, and 3 is on the case. Sharing/ fractions
63 Interesting times 7 tells the story of how 3, 4, 5, and 6 had to sort out day and night when Spooky Spoon mixed things up. Time of day
64 Mare ways than one When the Puzzler bubbles 8, 4 has to find three different ways making eight to release him. Solving problems in different ways.
65 Hundreds and thousands 6 saves the day when the Number-taker is taking hundreds and thousands. 10, 100, 1000


Counting down to Christmas 5 and 6 rescue Christmas when the Shape Japer, Spooky Spoon and the Numbertaker are unwanted Christmas Day guests. Left and right, noticing and connecting
Holiday DVD Seaside adventure It turns out to be a very busy holiday  when all the Numberjacks unite to sort out all the Meanies! Opposites, big and small, number bonds to 10.

Audio Programmes

Details and links to listen and download theNumberjacks audio programmes (first broadcast on CBeebies Radio) are in the section Numberjacks Stories in the right hand side bar near the top of this page.   As well as being highly entertaining and educational, they are excellent for developing children’s listening and imagination skills.

Title Synopsis Learning Focus
1 Fall Sorted



Humpty Dumpty falls off the wall – thanks to the Shape Japer. 4 and 5 help put him back together again. Some, all , too many
2 Noisy Night




Hey Diddle Diddle – Spooky makes trouble!  3 and 6 help sort things out for the laughing dog, the cat and the fiddle, and the cow who jumped over the moon. Zero
3  Potato Plot




One potato, two potato, three potato – more and more trouble as the Problem Blob creates spuds no-one likes.  4 and 6 are on the case. More and less
4 Spout and About


3 and 5 to the rescue as Incy Wincy Spider gets stuck – the Shape Japer is up to her tricks again. Straight and curved
5 Five a day



Georgie Porgie ends up with a better diet thanks to 5 and 6.  The Numbertaker isn’t happy. Same, different, variety
6 Woolly thinking


3 and 4 help Little Bo Peep with her sheep, and defeat the Problem Blob. In front/behind
7 Puddle Muddle Doctor Foster is helped on his way to Gloucester by 4 and 5 – Spooky Spoon isn’t happy at all. in, over
8 Bun Fun.


Everyone’s getting hot and cross about buns until 4 and 6 sort the Puzzler out. addition (multiplication)
9 Bed Spread



3 and 6 help the Ten to stay in their Bed despite the Shape Japer making things hard for them. Big and small
10 Clock Watch


Time for trouble from the Problem Blob – 3 and 5 sort out the Hickory Dickory clock. counting 1-6
11 Sheep Sharing



3 and 4 have more fun with sheep when Baa Baa Black Sheep has problems with the Numbertaker. sharing
12 Tub Time



Rub a dub dub, too many men in the tub – until the Puzzler’s tricks are thwarted by 5 and 6. subtraction
13 4 on the  shore


There’s a fishie in a dishie as 4 and 5 have to sort out the Problem Blob. sequence
14 Rings and Things


Rings and things in Banbury – 3 and 6 help a fine lady deal with the Numbertaker. 2 x 5 = 10
15 Two legs good


2, 4, 6,  8 – we hope you will appreciate 6 and 8’s effort to deal with  Spooky Spoon. Counting in twos
16 Sliding high



Don’t worry baby in the tree top – 3 adn 5 are on their way to deal with the Problem Blob! top bottom

up down

17 Sister twister


Will Polly keep putting the kettle on – and Sukey keep taking it off?  4 and 6 battle with the Puzzler. Opposites/ prediction
18 Bottle Up


There are ten green bottles on the wall – but not for long when the Problem Blob’s about!  3 and 9 investigate. 10 – 1 = 9

9 + 1 = 10

19 On the mission



My son John’s gone to bed with his trousers on!  4 and 5 stop Spooky Spoon making trouble. On and off
20 How tickled I am


3 and 6 go round and round the garden sorting the Shape Japer out. Large, small
21 Secret Seven


One for sorrow, but two for joy as 6 and 7 sort out the Puzzler. Puzzles, calculation
22 Ups and downs


Jack and Jill need 3 and 4 to help out when Spooky Spoon is about. Up and down
23 More fun with buns Five currant buns keep getting changed by the Shape Japer – 4 and 6 to the rescue. Description/ classification
24 Close Encounters


Little Miss Muffet on the tuffet, 5 and 8 on the case as Spooky Spoon causes trouble. On, near, far, beside
25 Job Seekers



The Puzzle is the Cobbler for a change, mending shoes and causing trouble for 3 and 5. Deduction
26 Double Time


See saw Marjorie Daw – 4 and 6 help Johnny against the Numbertaker. Multiplication
27 Nothing Missing How many little Indians?  Hoe many little Numberjacks?  3 and 6 sort out the Problem Blob. Recite number names to ten.
28 Changing  Room


Too many children in the shoe – 4 and 5 sort out the Problem Blob. Capacity
29 Bear Necessities



There’s a teddy bear trying to touch the ground with the help of 3 and 4 – watch out for the Puzzler! Follow instructions
30 Just A Mow


One man doesn’t go to mow the meadow – until 5 and 6 sort the Numbertaker out. Add 1
31 Try My Pie



Little Jack Horner pulls out more than he expects – 3 and 5 put right the Shape Japer’s trickery. In and out
32 Fish Fingers


I, 2, 3, 4, 5 – catch a fish alive – but then what?    4 and 6 help out against the Numbertaker. Counting to 10

number bonds

33 Round, round, I get around Round the mulberry bush we go with 4 and 5 as the  Problem Blob makes trouble. Round, circles
34 One two, what shall I do?


One two, buckle my shoe – and watch out for Spooky Spoon!  5 and 6 are on the mission. Counting
35 Sprat Snack DATA



3 and 4 help Jack and Mrs Sprat enjoy their meal – despite having the Puzzler as their water! Classification
36 Penny Gain


When Simple Simon loses his penny and can’t buy a pie, 5 and 6 help out – and deal with Numbertaker! One, one, any, many
37 Rainy day



The rain won’t go away until another day – and 4 and 6 have to sort out the Problem Blob. Same, other, another
38 Pig Problem



Which little piggie went to market?  Which one stayed at home?  3 and 5 answer the Puzzler’s questions. Puzzles, logical thinking
39 Number Time



Spooky Spoon mixes up some of the numbers on the church clock and Wee Willie Winkie gets the time wrong – 3 and 6 to the rescue. Clocks
40 A Score of Fours


Mary’s at the cottage door when Spooky Spoon makes her friends jealous – unto ; 4 and 5 sort things out. Counting in fours
41 Cat Sacks



There’s a man and his wives coming from St Ives – and the Puzzler adds to his problems.  3 and 6 solve the puzzle. Multiplication by 2
42 Man Powers



The Grand Old Duke of York has lost almost all his the thousand men – thanks to the Numbertaker.  Can 3 and 4 get all the soldiers back? Big numbers

(multiplying by 10)

DVD Counting down to Christmas Thanks to the Numbertaker, the bells aren’t jingling on the one-horse open sleigh, and Santa can’t say “Ho, ho ho.”  3, 4, 5 and 6 have to fly out, with 7 holding the fort back at base. Exact numbers

Going Global

Numberjacks is now on air in more than forty countries around the world, transmitting in Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and Italian.   In South America the Numberjacks are Os Supernumeros.

The Numberjacks can also be seen in  Malta, South Korea, New Zealand and parts of Africa. Look out for Numberjacks if you are going on holiday!

Numberjacks Stories

Numberjacks isn’t just available as a television series or YouTube or on DVD, there are also 42 specially made radio episodes. Each one of these episodes features the Numberjacks encountering a problem related to a traditional story or nursery rhyme, and were made for CBeebies Radio and broadcast on BBC Radio 7. The Numberjacks magazine also includes these audio stories, bringing them to life on the page.

All of the episodes are already available on YouTube www.youtube.com .

The Numberjacks Audio Stories are also available to be streamed on Spotify, Apple Music & More! Thanks for watching! Subscribe Kids!
Spotify: NumberjacksSpotify
Google Play: NumberjacksGooglePlay
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iTunes Music: NumberjacksiTunes


Agents’ Pictures

Girl with Numberjacks birthday card image

This is a Numberjacks fan from Canada whose favourite Numberjack is Number 4. What a wonderful picture! 

We like to see pictures of you enjoying Numberjacks.  Please send them to us at feedback@numberjacks.co.uk. We especially like to see how children are playing with Numberjacks and to hear about what they are learning and how they are having fun.

Numberjacks theme birthday party image

We’ve had some lovely pictures of a Numberjacks birthday party from a Numberjacks fan in Australia. What fun! They even had a Shape Japer pinata.